10 Tips to Starting Your Morning out Right

The way we start our day has everything to do with how we feel as we move through the hours that follow. Making the commitment to dedicate to each morning a healthy routine of gentle movement, meditation and mindfulness creates an excellent way to incorporate healthy rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.

Taking care of yourself is vital, and as soon as you begin each morning with a healthy routine you’ll truly feel the benefits of starting out each day on the right side of the bed. The importance of creating a healthy morning routine cannot be stressed enough. Not only will it give you more energy and maximize your productivity, but will also give you a greatly enhanced peace of mind that will help you move effortlessly through every event that transpires.

10 Tips for a Balanced, Healthy, and Happy Morning Routine

  1. Wake Up an Hour Earlier
    Red Alarm clock

Getting in the habit of waking up an hour earlier each day will give you the time you need to start your morning off right. Begin to do this by going to bed an hour earlier each night, winding down your daily routine a bit ahead of your normal schedule. Often our days feel out of control because we don’t give ourselves the time we need to nurture our bodies and minds. Imagine being able to start your day relaxed and unhurried, something that will undoubtedly make the rest of your day less frantic and frustrating.

  1. Sip on Warm Water and Lemon

Replacing your morning cup of coffee with warm water and lemon each morning is a practice many people embrace, and for good reason too. This morning ritual helps to aid digestion, resets the alkalinity of your body, expels toxins, improves immunity, and gives you energy while enhancing your mood. If you must have your java, just make sure you do it after you’ve had your cup of warm lemon water.

  1. Meditate for 10 MinutesMeditation at home

Because you’ve given yourself an hour more each morning, you’ll have the time to start your morning off with ten minutes of quiet meditation. Meditation is one of the best practices you can offer yourself and adhering to a ten minute practice every morning before you do much else will set the tone for a relaxed state of mind making it much easier to meet the demands of the day.

  1. Stretch your Sleepy Body

Sleep gives your body time to rest and rejuvenate, and when you wake up, your body is still very tired. Stretching each morning for a few minutes will help to get blood flowing and release any tension that has been stored within your system. Doing a few sun salutations is an excellent way to open the energy channels in your body and prepare for a busy day ahead.

  1. Commit to 15-20 Minutes of CardioJumping jacks

Do you really want to greet each day as best you can? Doing 15-20 minutes of cardio each morning is an amazing way to help you feel good and really get your body moving. Committing to a little cardio (jump rope, go for a run, or a brisk walk around the block) will release endorphins in your body making for a more productive and balanced day. Studies have shown that getting in the practice of doing a bit of cardio each day will open the way for healthier patterns to follow all day long.

  1. Shower and Dress Mindfully

We all must get ready to greet the day and doing so in a mindful manner will set a tone for the rest of the day to unfold effortlessly. Rather than think of what the day will hold as you shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed, focus only on the task at hand. The only moment you have is the present and staying in that moment, no matter what you’re doing, will allow you to face each event as it unfolds rather than having your mind fixated on other situations. A practice of mindfulness (no matter what it is you’re doing) is amazing for helping to carry you through each action of the day with ease and grace.

  1. Set an Intention for the Day

How do you want to feel during the coming day? What is it that you would like to do or accomplish? Setting an intention for the day is the perfect complement to an amazing morning routine. Whether it’s to feel confident, less judgmental towards others, more compassionate, or achieving some personal goal, setting an intention in the morning can help you embrace whatever it is you desire.

  1. Eat a Healthy BreakfastBreakfast banana smoothie

Grabbing a bagel or pastry at the coffee shop on the way to work won’t give you much to sustain through lunch as convenient as it may be. Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast (at home) with plenty of protein is one of the best ways you can keep your energy levels going through the day. Empty calories are going to leave you feeling just that. Empty. Try hardboiled eggs and avocado on wholegrain toast or full fat Greek yogurt with berries. Eating a healthy breakfast is crucial for starting the day out right.

  1. Visualize Your Day Going Just the Way You’d Like

How do you want your day to transpire? Remember that your thoughts are much more powerful than you might think and you have limitless potential to create your reality just as you want to see it. Take the time to visualize your day going exactly how you want it to be. See your day displayed out in front of you like a film and you’ll find that a little visualization every morning can go a long way.

  1. Sit Still for 5 Minutes in Quiet Morning Reflection

Just before it’s time for you to leave the house or begin doing what you need to do, take the time to sit still for 5 minutes in quiet morning reflection. Be with whatever you’re feeling and give yourself the time to breathe. Reflect on how different you feel intentionally starting the day off with this mindful approach. Thank yourself for the time you’ve given yourself. This is a brilliant way to end your routine on a positive note while sealing in your morning “practice.”