A Card Reading for Miranda

In my previous blog article I talked about how spirit guides can communicate with us using pictures and messages from oracle cards.  Here, I am going to share with you a reading for a client named “Miranda” (not her real name).  Miranda has had intestinal problems for some time now.  She has been to the doctor multiple times and still has not received a definitive diagnosis.  They tell her she is anorexic, depressed, having female issues, or that it is just all in her head.  Then they start tossing around diagnosis names such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticula, irritable bowel syndrome (IBD).   If you have or know of anyone that has GI issues, is this sounding familiar?  I know it does for me.

So, I did a 5 card reading called Messages from Your Spirit Guides.  Here is the layout.  I used Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Oracle Cards, which I truly love.

Soul Coaching 3-3-14


The first card is in the middle and it represent Miranda; that card is Energy.  When Miranda first sees this card she is thinking about how little energy she feels she has these days.  But, what her spirit guides want her to know is that she feels this way because she is letting her life force energy slip away by repressing her feelings, and trying to please everyone around her and not taking care of herself.  By letting her emotions be spontaneously expressed and honor her own needs, she will begin to get back that energy in leaps and bounds.

The second card is at the top and it is a message from the angels and devic kingdom.  It represents what her angels and fairies want her to know; that card is Freedom.  Miranda doesn’t feel she has much freedom these days either.  Like the above talked about, she is busy taking care of everyone in her family and just doesn’t feel she has time.  Her angels want her to know that she is not here to be ordinary.  She needs to step out of her self-imposed boundaries and limitations.  She cannot allow herself to be trapped by the expectation of others.  It is time for her to make decisions that empower her; it is time for her to break free.

The third card is at the bottom and is a message from the earth.  It is from the divine earth mother and from her animal, plant, and stone allies; that card is Delight.  Needless to say, Miranda has not felt much delight in a long time.  However, the divine earth mother wants her to know that if she can let her inner child play; laugh, jump up and down and act silly, she can tap into the rejuvenating powers of pleasure that can have a powerful healing effect on her.  By finding delight in her everyday world, she can begin to uplift her spirit and experience healing.

The fourth card is to the right and is a message from her master guide and past-life guardians.  It is from those who have loved her in past lives or from her master guide; that card is Abundance.  Because Miranda has been feeling so awful for so long, she has pretty much shut herself off from receiving anything good. All she is able to see at this time in her life are the negative, painful parts of her life.  But her master guide wants her to know that abundance is just waiting to flood her.  She only needs to be open it.  There is abundance of everything, including health.  Be an open channel for abundance to flow through the body.  She needs to align her vibration with the energy of healing and let it flow.  It’s hers for the taking.

The fifth and final card is on the left and is a message from her ancestors.  It is a powerful missive from those who are connected to her through her heritage; that card is Opening.  Her ancestors want her to know that it is time for her to be open to the gift of healing.  Even if she is afraid and feeling vulnerable, it is time to receive the gifts of the universe.

Now looking back at all of the cards, it is possible to see a pattern and see how they all connect.  Miranda’s spirit guides in all forms, are giving her basically the same message with different cards.  By putting more of her energy into herself and letting others take care of themselves more, she will have more energy for healing and for others too.  She will then have the freedom to break free and begin to enjoy life again and look forward to the freedom of healing.  By finding the freedom she needs, she will begin to have the freedom of feeling delight and playing in its essence. By feeling the delight of her life and life around her, she can open herself up to the abundance of the universe and its healing powers.  Wow.

It never ceases to amaze me the power that spirit has in connecting to the cards.  The cards are a seemingly random draw, but it never feels that way when they are revealed.  They look past the physical aspects and go deeper to the spiritual, emotional realm.  This is typically the seat of all illness.  By helping to correct these aspects that doctors don’t see, the true powers of healing are now accessible.   The cards assist them in bringing that out.

Please feel free to make any comments about this reading and what you feel they may mean in your own life.  I saw a lot that was true for me in this reading.

Blessings to you all.