Can Meditation Help People With Anxiety?

Anxiety We live in a fast paced world where people are expected to be “on” all the time. How many of us spend hours in bed staring at our smartphone screens, checking Facebook or surfing the web to read endless articles or watch videos? We should be sleeping! Meanwhile, we’re becoming less healthier in the process. It’s a tough time to be alive, what with a seemingly endless barrage of bad news on our various screens. During times like these, people are quite anxious.

Can meditation help with anxiety? Yes; it can be very liberating. Meditation is meant to help calm people down, relieve stress, and allow us to connect to our feelings rather than run from them. During guided meditation, we have the power to gain both insight and wisdom as we take time to explore the mind and body connection.

Meditation for anxiety isn’t used to just get rid of anxiety, though. Rather, it helps a person become fully present in the moment. By doing this, a reduction in anxiety is a bonus.

What causes anxiety? Typically, it comes from our minds worrying about the past or the future. All those “what ifs?” we ask ourselves can overwhelm our sense of well-being.

Therefore, meditation seeks to clear our minds from our anxious thoughts, with a focus on the here and now. Perhaps that is why people feel liberated while meditating.

Meditation Meditation requires patience. It concentrates on the simple act of breathing in and out. There’s a sense of calm that comes from it. While it may not completely rid a person of anxiety, it certainly helps reduce it.

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