A Card Reading for Miranda

In my previous blog article I talked about how spirit guides can communicate with us using pictures and messages from oracle cards.  Here, I am going to share with you a reading for a client named “Miranda” (not her real name).  Miranda has had intestinal problems for some time now.  She has been to the […]

What Your Spirit Guides Want You to Know

The whole notion of oracle cards can be very daunting and scary for some.  Images of witches who could do who knows what with your body and soul may come to mind.  Or maybe shady carnival sideshows with crystal balls and women in sheer flowing dresses is what you think of.  I know that was […]

Oh, the Joys of Crystals!

I am by no means a crystal aficionado insofar as I am not very knowledgeable about a lot of crystals, but I am enthusiastic; just ask my husband!  I been increasing my inventory of healing crystals a lot these last couple of weeks.  I love the feel/touch of them, the look of them and how […]

What is Your Pain Costing You?

I have noticed that pain has a much bigger cost than what most people think; what most people realize.  They don’t see when the person with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, or arthritis is having a very painful day and may not even be able to get out of bed.  The cost to them […]

The Energetic Link between Emotions and Physical Pain and Dis-ease

Early in our childhood we are taught to not express our emotions.  Boys are chided if they cry with cat calls such as, “Don’t be such a girl” and “Just cowboy up.”  Even girls get berated if they show too much emotion, especially if it is anger.  We are taught to give our power away […]

Learn Ways to Develop Your Intuition

I know that you understand how powerful and helpful it is to be tuned into your intuition, so I wanted to make sure you heard about this free webinar series on that exact topic.  Join me, Christel Hughes, Kaityln Keyt, Marilyn Alauria and other intuitive teachers as we share our personal journeys of uncovering and […]

Welcome to Sacred Soul Sanctuary

Wow!  SacredSoulSanctuary.com is now up and running.  It has a whole new look and feel; very different than Your Reiki Life.   My goal remains the same; to help empower people to heal from their pain and dis-ease.  Sacred Soul Sanctuary gives me a better way to custom fit a treatment plan for your particular needs.  […]