Oh, the Joys of Crystals!

I am by no means a crystal aficionado insofar as I am not very knowledgeable about a lot of crystals, but I am enthusiastic; just ask my husband!  I been increasing my inventory of healing crystals a lot these last couple of weeks.  I love the feel/touch of them, the look of them and how they make me feel.  Understand, I wasn’t always like this.  As a child I loved to collect rocks and my parents bought me one of those rock tumblers that you make jewelry out of, but it never occurred to me that they could help heal physical, emotional, and mental wounds.  I was probably like what most of you are today – a rock is a rock, so what?  Never did I realize that they each have their own frequency and vibration.  They even have their own personalities and uniqueness’s. Now when I pick one up, I feel like I am holding a precious being in my hands.  I even talk to them and invite them to join me in a healing session, during meditation, or just to help me through the day.

Several years ago in 2005 I started buying crystals with a more metaphysical/healing purpose; I can’t even remember why.  I bought this beautiful green quartz.  This was back in the days when I was working 3 nights a week at the hospital whatever days I got scheduled.  I was having a very difficult time going back and forth between day and nighttime hours.  I still had to care for our animals (my husband feeds on the mornings I come home from work) both morning and afternoon.  It seemed my body never knew when to sleep and when to be awake.  The stress toll was enormous.  I was having a lot of chest tightness.  It was difficult to breathe and I just felt bad most of the time.  However, I found that when I held that big green quartz crystal to my heart, I felt so much better.  I had no idea that green was the color of the heart chakra and that that crystal being both green and quartz made it a healing machine for my heart and my stress level.  I would just literally sit on the couch clutching the big green quartz to my chest.  I would notice how much calmer I felt and how much easier it was to breathe.  Even my heart rate would decrease and not feel like it was trying to race out of my chest.  Yes, I have since decreased my stress level by structuring my work schedule; I just work 2 weekend nights now. But, using crystals during that stressful time really helped my physical and emotional wellness.


 As I started reading more about the healing power of crystals, I became more intrigued.  I found that they could enhance my Reiki healing energy and that crystals infused with Reiki energy were extra special healers.  I use them constantly in my healing practice now.  I know how powerful and useful these precious gems from Mother Earth are and I share them with all I do healing with.  There are so many crystals that are helpful with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, pain, and inflammation … anything you can think of.  It’s mostly finding the crystal that resonates the most with the person (I use dowsing for that).

Recently, I have been taking inventory of all the crystals that have come to live with me.  Interestingly, some have mysteriously disappeared.  I have heard of crystals doing this from time to time.  Sometimes they come back and sometimes they just go where they are needed more.  I have found some true treasures living in my house.  It’s interesting to me how some have come to be here waiting for just the right time to be used.  This year will be a time dedicated to learning even more about these wonderful gems of nature.  I will be sharing various insights as I go along.  And I invite you to try using crystals on your own if don’t already do so.

If you have any crystal healing stories you would like to share, please e-mail me at:  Susanne@SacredSoulSanctuary.com  If given your permission, I would love to share them on the blog for others to read.

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In Love and Light.