Jenn Ruhl – Blue Springs, Missouri
Testimonial from MissouriSusanne gave me a Reiki treatment for my arm after a flu injection. I always have a lot of pain and discomfort for days afterwards. Susanne was able to Reiki my arm right after I received the injection and I did not have any pain or discomfort at all. I was even able to sleep on that side without pain. I felt a lot of warmth that radiated up into the base of my skull. It made me very relaxed and calm which was nice since I always feel a great deal of anxiety about getting injections. I would absolutely recommend this healing treatment to anybody because it works.

Kristi Hunt – Lone Jack, Missouri
Testimonial from MissouriSusanne has used The Emotion Code to alleviate the constant pain in my left shoulder.  In only 20 minutes she was able to clear 5 trapped emotions from my childhood that I had been keeping in my shoulder.  So many times we hold on to things we may not even realize.  These emotions after time we think we forget or maybe we didn’t realize they even affected us to begin with.  I knew the first place to become tense during stress was my shoulders but never did I imagine how much I still carried or from just how long ago.  My pain was at a 7/10; after doing The Emotion Code my pain decreased to a 2/10.  I would absolutely recommend Susanne for long term treatment and healing.

Rachel Wulff – Olathe, Kansas
Testimonial from KansasTestimonial from KansasSusanne did a Shamanic journey for my dog Sydney. She is older and experiencing a lot of pain in her back legs. I wanted to see what could be done for her. Susanne became a surrogate for Sydney and infused healing light and vibration into her. Sydney showed Susanne how her back legs hurt. Susanne suggested maybe using an animal chiropractor or holistic veterinarian as it feels her problems are more structural rather than medical. Sydney also showed Susanne how her heart was hurting due to stress she takes on from me as well as from the household. Even though her problems are still there, the journey gave me more insight into what is happening with Sydney.

Shirley McMillin – Gladstone, Missouri
Testimonial from MissouriI find it difficult to find words that truly describe this (from a distance) healing energy.  It actually does work!  I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and my muscle pain and rigidity are so much better. My cane has been in the closet for weeks and I am able to get in and out of cars and chairs without help. I’m still not sure who my healing guide is yet.  I am working on being more relaxed and open in that regard. Emotion Code is a real eye opener as to what my negative emotions are and where they come from. Having that knowledge and then having those emotions cleared is awesome. I am avidly looking forward to the rest of my sessions.