The Energetic Link between Emotions and Physical Pain and Dis-ease

Early in our childhood we are taught to not express our emotions.  Boys are chided if they cry with cat calls such as, “Don’t be such a girl” and “Just cowboy up.”  Even girls get berated if they show too much emotion, especially if it is anger.  We are taught to give our power away and keep our feelings to ourselves lest we hurt someone else’s feelings.  But what about our own feelings? Expressing our emotions is an honest part of our integrity and health when expressed appropriately to the situation.

All emotions and feelings are energy.  Unexpressed emotions get bottled up in the body and create pain and/or dis-ease.  When we begin to feel pain in our bodies, it is our emotional selves trying to tell us there is something that needs to be fixed; you better take notice.  All that unhealthy energy gets locked in our bodies; as the energy builds, there becomes a need for release.  If we do not allow ourselves the emotional outlet to rid ourselves of this unhealthy energy, it will explode into all sorts of body pains, cancer, Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, colds, flu and the like.  These are all ways our body tries to get our attention.

Then there are generational emotions.  How fortunate for us that not only do we have to deal with our own emotional mess, but sometimes we inherit our ancestors stuck emotions as well.  They can get stuck and get passed down from generation to generation.  It’s almost like it becomes part of our DNA; but fortunately for us it’s not.  We can clear them out.

When we can learn how to move that unhealthy emotional energy out of our bodies, we can begin to experience near perfect health.  Over 90% of pain and dis-ease is caused by our stuck unhealthy emotions.  The first way is to keep emotions from becoming stuck in the first place.  Learning how to express our emotions appropriately in the moment will keep them from getting stuck and keep us from getting sick and being in pain.  The second way is a fabulous system I’ve discovered to find and release each and every emotion that is stuck in your body and wreaking havoc. It works like magic!

As we have learned, emotions can create a great deal of disruption in our bodies.  The very best way to avoid this is through prevention; learning how to express emotions appropriately in the moment do they don’t get stuck.  However, because most of us have years of stuck emotions in every part of our body, it is imperative that we remove them.  This can be done easily through the system of emotion release I very effectively use.  I can easily and painlessly relieve your body of the unnecessary, harmful emotions that are currently causing you all sorts of pain and dis-ease.  Contact me at to receive your Free Healing Breakthrough Discovery Session.  There is no cost and no strings attached.

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