The Many Health Benefits of Meditating

Meditation Life moves fast and sometimes we need to slow down and meditate. Taking time to feel connected to the universe, acknowledging our feelings, and discovering resources we have within us that can be utilized to change our lives for the better are just some of the benefits of meditation.

We live in a noisy world with all sorts of stimulation around us each day. Therefore, meditation allows us to enter into a different mode of consciousness where we have the opportunity to experience the divine and transcend our current circumstances– think of it as a brief mental vacation.

Research has been done to study the health benefits of meditation, and the findings were quite positive. For instance, meditation has been found to lower blood pressure and amp up people’s immune systems. Furthermore, meditation helps improve people’s ability to concentrate.

Meditation can be secular or religious– either way it can be used to shut out the external world, still the body, and calm people’s nerves.

Perhaps the main benefit of meditation is stress reduction. Stress leads to a whole host of problems with the body, so the less stressful a person can be, the better for their overall health and wellness.

What are some forms of meditation? Well, for some it could be staring at a candle flame while breathing slowly on purpose. For others it could involve saying a mantra or chanting. Meditation becomes a time when people focus on their minds, bodies and souls, often connecting with a higher power in a way that refreshes them.

Susanne Helms of Sacred Soul Sanctuary believes that meditation can help people deal with chronic pain and encourage bodies to heal from illness naturally. With her many years’ experience as a nurse at a hospital, Helms has learned a lot about healing energies to help empower others so they can discover and utilize their own healing powers. Meditation is an integral part of dealing with pain as well as healing, and it has shown great promise for millions of people around the globe who feel better for having made meditation a regular part of their lives.