Welcome to Sacred Soul Sanctuary

Wow!  SacredSoulSanctuary.com is now up and running.  It has a whole new look and feel; very different than Your Reiki Life.   My goal remains the same; to help empower people to heal from their pain and dis-ease.  Sacred Soul Sanctuary gives me a better way to custom fit a treatment plan for your particular needs.  It also gives me the ability to break out of the box and try different things if one form of treatment does not seem to be working.  This will be better for both of us.

I work very closely with my spirit guides and shamanic teachers.  The more I work, the better they are at communicating with me and the better we are at working as a team.  It is a powerful thing to have a teacher on each shoulder as I am doing a healing and having them point out different areas of imbalance and help me to resolve it.  It is never just me doing a healing.  As a matter of fact, it is never me.  I am simply a conduit to a greater force and am guided on where and how to do a healing.  All true healers work this way.

Currently, there are 3 main modalities I use to customize your healing plan; all of these can easily be used at a distance.  Energy healing, with Reiki being the major system.  Using Reiki I can attune a person’s body to help receive healing energies more readily and I can help clear a person’s body of stagnant energy that surrounds them.  Then Reiki energy can be used as a whole body, spiritual, and emotional healing form.  The Emotion Code is a second method of healing I use.  It helps to clear out old stuck emotions that can cause us pain and disease.  It is a simple and easy process and no one has to relive the painful event(s) that buried that painful emotion in the first place.  Finally, I use card readings to give a more visual picture to both me and my client.  I find this to be a very useful tool as it helps us to see where we are in the healing, where we came from and where we are headed.  It is always fascinating to see what cards the spirits pick out for a client.  It still gives me goose bumps to see how accurate they are for each client.  I have also been incorporating dowsing into my healing practice.  I mostly use it as a confirmation of different places of imbalance.  However, as I am able to study and use it more, I believe it will be a very exciting and accurate tool for many more health related areas.

I hope you will consider contacting me for your free Breakthrough Session.  Here we will be able to get a snapshot of what is going on with your body.  From there we can determine which program would be best suited for your needs.  www.sacredsoulsanctuary.com 

Have a blessing filled day.