What Does Mindfulness Mean?

Mindfulness If you take a look around you’ll notice many people are staring at little screens. Their heads are down. They’re not engaging with people in front of them. It’s as if they’re in another world. Sometimes it feels like the whole world has become sucked into the Internet, living their lives “online” rather than in “real life.” Many people don’t want to use their brains or senses. They want to be numb. That’s not good.

What is Mindfulness?

There’s a thing called mindfulness, which means paying attention on purpose in the present moment. In a non-judgmental way, a person practicing mindfulness focuses on feelings, sensations, and what’s around them… acknowledging and accepting what’s what.

How many people do you know who you could say live their lives on “auto-pilot?” They’re not practicing mindfulness. Instead, they’re quite oblivious! They don’t notice the smells around them. They don’t take time to see the beauty in front of them. They switch their minds “off” and just float through life rather than making waves. Is that a good way to live? No, not really.

Remember when the singing group En Vogue sang “Free Your Mind” in the 1990s? There’s something great about that phrase– wouldn’t you like to be free from a limited perspective? Wouldn’t you prefer not to have to always react quickly and judge instantly?

Sure, mindfulness goes against the grain of what’s popular in today’s society. But that’s part of what makes it awesome. Mindfulness gives us pause. We see things more clearly because we intentionally want and choose to do so.

To practice mindfulness try doing the opposite of what you normally do. Instead of judging someone or something instantly, try going in with a totally non-judgmental attitude. Find your thoughts and feelings in your head and accept them without overanalyzing them. Taking a mindfulness approach to life and the many situations we’re in everyday can help a person’s stress level go way down. People who practice mindfulness seem to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives than those who live life on auto-pilot.

If you’re up for the challenge, then today you should choose to practice mindfulness. Appreciate what’s around you; engage your mind and senses. See how you feel when you start to allow yourself to feel things more powerfully with good intent.

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