Crystal Healing

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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is all about vibration.  Crystals use both the vibration of their color and the vibration of their particular chemical makeup.  Since everything is energy, then energy is influenced by vibrations.  Mother Nature gave us a wonderful, beautiful gift in the crystals provided in the earth to help heal us.  There are so many different ways to use crystals.

How Are Crystals Used?

Crystals can be used very simply or very elaborately.  The following are ways I personally use crystals and how I use crystals for others.

Crystal Healing

My Pocket Crystals: Clear Quartz Point, Polished Rose Quartz. Doubled Terminated Champagne Tourmaline

Pocket Crystals

A very easy way to use crystals for healing is to carry them in your pocket.  Their essence stays within your aura, so the size of crystal does not matter as much.  They can be used in different combinations for whatever purpose you need them.  For example; when I go to work at the hospital, I carry a clear quartz and a rose quartz in one pocket and a champagne tourmaline in the other.  The rose quartz helps me with loving kindness to everyone while the clear quartz helps to amplify the effects of the rose quartz.  The champagne tourmaline helps keep me grounded throughout my shift and not get too flustered when there is a lot to do and seemingly not enough time.

Crystal Jewelry

Another way to keep crystals within your aura is to wear them.  It’s easy to always wear a necklace or bracelet.  The stones don’t have to be gem quality, a pretty rough or polished stone wrapped in wire makes for a perfect, beautiful pendant.  I always have a necklace, bracelet or both on.

Reiki Crystal Grid

Reiki Grid for Healing, Love, Peace, Prosperity

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids using sacred geometry is an amazing healing tool.  Crystal grids can be small or quite large.  Some grids are very elaborate, with many different types of crystals within it.  However, this can cause crystal mayhem and the energies can become quite disconcerting.  My grids consist of no more than three different types of crystals.  If more are needed, then a second grid probably needs to be made.

Crystal grids can be made for almost any purpose you can think of; anything from a health issue, financial abundance, love and relationships, sleep, energy, etc.  Just using the appropriate crystal combination with a good central magnifying crystal can generate very powerful energy.

All of my crystals are cleansed using sound vibration.  I then Reiki them to ensure they have the highest healing energy available.

Crystal Grid

Energy Grid to increase metabolism

If you are interested in having a Crystal Grid done for you, click here.   When you click here, you can select from the choices available.  We will communicate by email what you would like put in the grid, such as your name, your picture, or that of a loved one.  If you desire a custom grid, then we will discuss what type of grid you are looking for.  If you have questions before you purchase, feel free to contact me here.  I would love to discuss your needs with you.

Crystal Layouts

Another way to use Crystals for healing is with a crystal layout for the body.  This can be done both in person and remotely.

If you are in the Cameron, Gallatin Missouri area, please contact me!  I would love for you to experience a Crystal Healing in person.

Remote Crystal Healing is just as effective as in person treatments.  Just like giving Reiki at a distance, energy knows no boundaries and be sent anywhere at any time.  I can remotely check your chakras and treat them accordingly using the appropriate crystals, mudras, and intonations.  Reiki can also be added for a particularly stubborn chakra.

Other body layouts are also available remotely.  Some people like to refresh their bodies during the solstices or during the new moon.   If you are interested in any of these layouts, please contact me and we can discuss your needs.  If you know what you want already, click here to sign up.

Crystal Water and Elixirs

Using crystals in water either by actually putting a crystal in your water glass or by making an elixir is an excellent way of getting healing crystal goodness into your body.  It must be noted that some crystals are toxic, so great care should be taken before putting crystals in your water glass.  Click here for an excellent resource to determine if you crystal is toxic.

If using for your water bottle, be sure to only use glass or stainless steel.  Crystals can actually leach the plastic from plastic water bottles; definitely not what you want!  I put some clear quartz tumbles in my glass Camelbak water bottle.  I also have a super cool water bottle from VibesUP that is stainless steel with a special crystal, essential oil infused disc on the bottom of the bottle.  I take it everywhere I go.

There are many ways in which crystals can help improve our lives.  I love the crystals and love learning everything about them.  My life is definitely better having crystals as part of my everyday life.

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