Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing, much like laying on of hands.  It involves using symbols that a student is attuned to through a Reiki Master teacher.  Reiki uses “universal energy” to increase and balance the energies in our bodies; these are the energies that keep us alive.  It helps to greatly reduce stress.  Stress causes our bodies to be energetically deplete and, therefore, more likely to develop dis-ease.

Reiki can be given either in person or at a distance.  There is no difference in the effectiveness of the treatment.  When given in person, the client lies on a Reiki table (much like a massage table) fully dressed while the Reiki practitioner lays their hands either gently on the body or just above the body depending on preference.  When given at a distance, typically the person lays quietly at the appointed time while the Reiki practitioner sends the Reiki.

Reiki Massage

Person receiving Reiki with Crystal Chakra Healing added.

Reiki can also be sent to a future event or place.  For example, if a person is to have some type of procedure done, be it a dental appointment or something medical, the Reiki practitioner can send Reiki to the place for the appointed time where the procedure will be done.  Not only can the place receive Reiki energy, but any instruments, and people involved and, of course, the person receiving the treatment.

For myself, I like to send Reiki ahead of me on the highways when I travel, especially at night in the fall and winter when deer are out the most.  I intend for all to be safe, both deer and drivers.


Reiki Healing

Person receiving Reiki while sitting.

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

Most people report that receiving a Reiki treatment feels like a warm glow running throughout their body.  They find it very easy to relax and many fall asleep.  Reiki treats the whole person.  It addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.  Reiki goes to the root cause of problems.  For example, a person may complain about a painful lower back.  The person receiving the treatment may not immediately notice a difference in the back pain, but does notice that they feel a lot less angry than they were.  Over a couple of days, the back pain goes away.  Pain relievers may help with the pain, but they will never get rid of the cause of the pain.

Not everyone “feels” a lot during a Reiki session.  This is perfectly fine and quite normal.  Always know that you will receive the exact treatment you need.  Some people become very emotional during a treatment.  This is also very normal.  As Reiki starts to work, it may release emotions that have been pent up for a very long time.  It’s all part of the healing process.


When Should Reiki Be Used?

Reiki can be used for pretty much anything.  In my everyday life, I use it on my food to increase the nutritional value, for my water to help with purity, on my animals for their well-being, on my car to keep it in good running condition, and of course, on myself.

It has been effective in helping every known malady and dis-ease and always has a beneficial effect.  It is also very useful to use in conjunction with other traditional treatments.  Many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation have found relief from the side effects they can cause.  You never have to worry about contraindications when using Reiki along with traditional Western medicine.

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