What is Your Pain Costing You?

I have noticed that pain has a much bigger cost than what most people think; what most people realize.  They don’t see when the person with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, or arthritis is having a very painful day and may not even be able to get out of bed.  The cost to them and their family and friends can be very costly.

Sometimes just getting out the door can be a daunting task much less making it to work every day.  How many sick days do you have?  Once you have taken your allotted amount, you’re pretty much on your own as far as your income is concerned.  FMLA will help to keep your job, but that doesn’t mean you get paid.  Just the stress alone from not being able to go to work on a regular basis can cause a flare-up.  My husband injured the tendon at his left elbow a couple of months ago at work.  Now while this was an acute injury and has mostly healed now, he was off work for two months.  During that time he was home he could not really do anything.  You don’t realize how much lifting, holding and pulling you do during the day doing simple chores.  So, how does someone who is chronically hurting go through their day?

How many people with a painful chronic dis-ease do you know that have a full and rewarding social life?  Probably not many.  Even just a simple headache can make you not want to go to that party you have been looking forward to.  Can you imagine if your whole body hurt and ached with every movement?  No matter how much you would like to be with others and have a good time, there is no way you can even make it out the door.

So, your doctor says you need to be going to the gym three times a week to strengthen your muscles; this will help you.  Well, that may be, but first you have to feel well enough and be functional enough to just get there much less start a work out plan.  The pain pills you are taking are probably either not working well enough, or make you so groggy it’s really not safe to drive or be doing a strenuous physical workout.

What is the answer to all these issues?  Most doctors will say the answer is pain management with drugs.  These may include narcotics, and will most certainly include acetaminophen or ibuprofen.  Any of these drugs can have some very serious health effects.  “There aren’t really good choices for chronic pain,” said Dr. Marie R. Griffin, a preventive medicine specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center who wrote a commentary on the new study, published last month in The Lancet. In addition to the potential harm, Dr. Griffin said, painkillers like Nsaids often don’t really do the job when it comes to chronic pain.”  I know most dialysis nurses will not touch a product containing ibuprofen due the toxic nature to the kidneys.  And acetaminophen can cause liver damage when taken over long periods of time, too.

I believe that the human body is capable of healing itself.  I know that sounds like a very strong statement, especially to someone who feels awful all the time.  Getting rid of emotional baggage is the beginning to ridding the body of stress toxins.  I have a great, easy method for doing just that.  By finding and releasing the trapped emotions that have accumulated throughout the body over time, I believe … I have seen … it work wonders.

I also believe that by teaching people how to connect with their inner guidance, spirit guides, angels, whatever you wish to call them, more healing can occur.  There is so much healing the body can do.  No doctor can heal you.  Only you can.  It’s just a matter of connecting to those powers we were never taught about.  Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know you have all the power, but you do.  Mother Nature has provided us with so many helpful energies to get ourselves right from beautiful crystals to wonderfully fragrant essential oils.  Learning how to utilize these wonderful gifts in our everyday life is key to our wellness and wholeness.  Together we can explore the healing wonders the body can manifest.  Contact me, Susanne, at www.SacredSoulSanctuary.com/contact for more information and to receive your FREE Breakthrough Discovery Session; let’s discover ways for your body to Heal Now!

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