What Your Spirit Guides Want You to Know

The whole notion of oracle cards can be very daunting and scary for some.  Images of witches who could do who knows what with your body and soul may come to mind.  Or maybe shady carnival sideshows with crystal balls and women in sheer flowing dresses is what you think of.  I know that was always my image of anyone who was a “card reader.”  It never occurred to me that the average person with 2.4 children with 1.5 dogs in suburbia would ever consider reading cards.  Okay, to be honest, I didn’t even really know what “reading cards” even was.

Did you know that there is a difference between Tarot cards and Oracle cards?  Did you know there were such things as Oracle cards?  I became enlightened a few years ago, quite by happenstance (though that seems like that’s how I stumble upon most of the profound things in my life).  I started investigating the world of Tarot and found it not to be so scary.  When I found out the true meaning of the cards and what they were meant to do, well, now that was really something.  They were never meant to be scary or dangerous, just a way for us to use our intuition and see where some places in our lives may need to be changed, or where we are really rockin’.

Rider Waite Tarot

Shortly thereafter, I came upon Oracle cards.  It took me a while to distinguish the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards.  But, thankfully, now I have it.  Oracle cards are really spirits way of letting you know the good things in life.  They are here to help us get back on track with our lives or to let us reaffirm that we are on the right path and that our guides and angels are right beside us all the way.

Oracle card decks all have pictures on them and usually a little title with them (though not all have a title).  The pictures are used for interpretation as to what is going on in your life or the life of the person for whom you are doing a reading.  There is also usually a little guide booklet with the deck to help with interpretation.

I really love using the Oracle cards.  I feel it gives a good visual way for my spirit guides to show me exactly what they want to say to me.  I know I am always guided to use the correct deck (yes, I have several, they are a little addictive).  And I know I will always draw the right cards; spirit makes sure of that.  I mostly use them when I am in doubt about what direction to take; looking for clarification.  I also use them a lot for healing sessions.  The spirits always have such insights in providing a direction for healing.

There really are only a couple of main decks I use.  I was certified with Denise Linn a couple of years ago using her Soul Coaching Oracle Cards.

Soul Coaching Oracle cards

These are such beautiful and simple cards to use.  They have amazing energy.  The cards appear to be simple pictures, but when you examine them closely, you discover all sorts of symbolism and meaning.  I love doing readings for myself and other people with these cards.

My second favorite deck is from Doreen Virtue.  It is the Healing with the Angels deck .  The pictures are so beautiful.

Healing with the Angels Oracle cards

There are so many others that have a lot of beauty and power.  The point being, anyone can use Oracle cards on their own.  They can give so much insight and hope.  Your guides and angels love to communicate with you and for some of us, this is the easiest way.  While we are learning to trust our intuition and listen to our angels, it’s nice to have a backup and get the visual that most of us really love.

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